Privacy Policy

Lucky Litter LLC, and its affiliates and subsidiaries, (collectively, “LL”) are committed to the protection and appropriate use of the information you submit to us online. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) describes how we collect, use and safeguard personal information obtained from individual consumers in the United States through this website (the “Site”).

What Information Do We Collect?

LL collects information from visitors to this Site that includes personal information such as names, postal addresses and email addresses, and other information such as survey responses.  When making an online purchase, you also may be asked to provide relevant credit card information.

Personal information is collected only for specific purposes and with the knowledge of the person providing the information. To access the Site you are not required to register or submit any personal information.

The content of this Site is not directed to children and LL does not knowingly collect personal information from persons under eighteen years of age.

Why Do We Collect This Information?

Purposes for which LL may collect personal information online include, but are not limited to:

Sweepstakes and Contest Entries.

From time to time, LL offers sweepstakes, contests and other promotions that require online registration. Persons wishing to participate in those programs are asked to provide some personal information. Some of the information requested for this purpose is optional, but other requested information, such as the individual’s name and email address, is mandatory because it will be needed to identify and notify winners. Also, some contests may require selection of a user ID and password by the individual.

Coupon and Rebate Requests.

Visitors to the Site may be offered the opportunity to apply for rebates or request discount coupons for LL products. Those visitors may be asked to provide certain personal information such as names, postal addresses and email addresses in connection with those offers.

“Contact Us” and “Write to Us” Features.

LL encourages visitors to the Site to contact us with questions and requests. LL may offer email news updates for visitors who expressly request that service. Personal information of persons using these features may be collected in order to facilitate our responses to those inquiries.

Product Registration.

Purchasers of certain LL products will have the opportunity to register their products online or offline.  In connection with Product Registration, purchasers are asked to submit certain personal information such as names, postal address and email address. This information will be used consistent with the terms of this Privacy policy.

NOTE: If you do not complete your product registration, your warranty rights as otherwise specified will not be diminished.

Loyalty Program Registration.

LL offers various “loyalty” programs that provide benefits to purchasers of LL products. The loyalty program online registration process requests personal information concerning the individual who signs up. Participants in loyalty programs also may need to provide personal information in order to redeem program benefits.

Requests for Consumer Brochures and Videos.

LL may offer product information, including brochures and videos, through the Site. Persons ordering those materials are asked to provide their name and postal address.

Purposes for which LL may collect other information include:

1.      Consumer Surveys. LL sometimes conducts online consumer surveys or asks for information from persons completing online forms. This information, such as household size, past purchases and household income, is provided voluntarily and is never required for participation in a sweepstakes, contest or loyalty program, to register a product or to obtain product information.

2.      “Clickstream” Data. The Site automatically collects certain data concerning its interactions with visitors that facilitate Site operation, management and planning. Such data may include the IP address of your computer, the date and time of an online request, the type of browser and operating system used by your computer, the time required to download information you requested, and error codes generated while your browser is in contact with the Site.

How Do We Use, and When Do We Disclose, the Information We Collect?

Personal information provided by consumers and visitors to our Site is used to fulfill requests and transactions submitted through the Site. For example, LL sometimes shares information submitted in connection with sweepstakes, contests, loyalty programs and other programs with vendors that LL has retained to administer those and other programs. LL may also share certain information with third party organizations for the purpose of processing your credit card transactions. LL seeks to restrict third parties’ use of such data to the purposes for which it has been provided and to ensure the third parties do not disclose that information to unauthorized parties.

LL does not sell personal information collected on its Site. LL may from time to time share your personal information with our affiliates, or with business and promotional partners that offer products or services that we believe will be of interest to you. LL also may share other data, collected in connection with consumer surveys and other activities, with consumer research and marketing firms. LL will provide personal information to law enforcement authorities and other entities where LL determines that such disclosure is required by subpoena, warrant, court order, or other applicable law or process.

Although LL seeks to require companies with which it does business, and to which personal information is provided, to protect such personal information, LL cannot be responsible for third parties’ violations of this Policy or of any other rights of visitors or consumers that use this Site.

LL may provide personal information and other information, collected online from visitors and consumers, to a purchaser or successor entity in connection with the sale of LL , a subsidiary or affiliate or line of business associated with LL , or substantially all of the assets of LL or one of its subsidiaries, affiliates or lines of business.


Cookies are small text files, placed on the hard drive of a visitor’s computer, that facilitate the operation of the Site and visitors’ use of the Site. As is standard practice on many corporate websites, the Site uses cookies and other technologies, such as pixel tags and web beacons, to help us understand which websites our visitors are coming from and what websites they go to when they leave our Site, which parts of the Site are the most popular, and how much time they spend on our Site. We also use cookies and other technologies to facilitate participation in our loyalty programs, as well as to customize your experience and provide greater convenience each time you interact with us.

Also, where specific programs associated with this Site require a user ID and password, you have the option of requesting that we save your user ID and password so that you will not have to reenter that information the next time you access the Site. This function is accomplished by placement of a cookie. Cookies are read only by the server that placed them, and are unable to execute any code or virus.

You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. (Each browser is different, so click the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.) If you reject all cookies, you will not be able to use those services on the Site that require you to sign in.

Some uses of cookies in connection with the Site may be under the control of third-party entities that LL retains for the management of certain programs and fulfillment of specific visitor/consumer requests. LL requests these entities to confine their use of cookies and similar technologies, but LL cannot be responsible for third party uses of cookies.


LL takes measures designed to prevent unauthorized intrusion to the Site and the alteration, acquisition, or misuse of personal information. LL cautions consumers and visitors to this Site, however, that no network is entirely secure. Accordingly, LL cannot be responsible for loss, corruption, or unauthorized acquisition of personal information furnished to this Site, or for any damages resulting from such loss, corruption, or unauthorized acquisition.

Offline v. Online Practices

This Policy applies solely to LL online information gathering and dissemination practices in connection with the Site, and does not apply to any of our practices conducted offline, with the following exception. LL may merge information collected about you through offline means such as Product Registration with information that is stored in our databases along with information gathered online. Any such merged information, however, will not be disclosed to others except as permitted by this Policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We encourage you to read this Policy before using the Site.  Do not use the Site if you disagree with any part of this Policy. Your use of the Site signifies your agreement to all terms of this Policy.

Please note that LL may revise this Policy from time to time. You should bookmark and periodically review this page to ensure that you are familiar with the most current version of this Policy. You can determine when this Policy was last revised by checking the “Last Revised” legend at the top of the Policy.

This Policy is the sole authorized statement of LL’s practices concerning the collection, use and protection of personal information through this Site. Any summaries of this Policy generated by third party software or otherwise (for example, in connection with the “Platform for Privacy Preferences” or “P3P”) shall have no legal effect, are in no way binding upon LL, and neither supersede nor modify this Policy.


Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to the Lucky Litter Security Office, or at the following physical mailing address:

Lucky Litter LLC 2 N. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1433 Chicago, IL 60606 USA